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Email Only Package

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Domain mail handling fee (per month):$2.00$2.20
Rate (per user, per month) :  $1.00$1.10
Additional data sentPer MB (calculated to nearest KB)$0.03$0.033
Additional data receivedPer MB (calculated to nearest KB)$0.05$0.055
500MB outbound, 500MB inbound 1data transfer capacity per month per box
(Adds to total capacity available - so for example if you have 2 mailboxes and one uses 800MB & the other 200MB, this is within the allowance.)
Mailboxes accessible via POP3 and IMAP. Authenticated SMTP on port 25 or 587.
Via a web browser (choice of roundube or openwebmail systems)
3GB storage quota for the 1st user, + 1GB per user thereafter.
If you need extra storage space, it can be added at $1.10 per Month per GB
Each mailbox adds an additional 20 potential email addresses. The charge is per mailbox - not for every email address.
See our Email FAQ for an explanation of how the mailbox addressing works.Sign up here
Data served (outbound) is all data that travels from the Precisium systems to external destinations on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of egress from Precisium's systems.
Data received (inbound) is all data received by Precisium systems from external sources on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of ingress to the Precisium system.
traffic that travels entirely within a set of Precisium servers is unbilled and does not count towards any quotas. e.g webserver to database server traffic.