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Support - Email Configuration

To set up your email account(s) in your email client software you will need the following bits of information (supplied at the time of account creation):
  • POP3 and/or IMAP server name. This is in the form of
  • SMTP server name. This is in the form of
  • Email account username. This is in the form of
  • Email account password.
Note: The username and password are case sensitive.
Most modern email clients allow you to set up multiple email accounts. Older programs such as Outlook97 and earlier do not have such facilities. We will not provide support for problems related to particularly old email clients (such as Outlook97 and older) as they have proven to have too many bugs and problems. If you are using such old email clients we recommend you upgrade to something a bit newer and more stable.

You should be able to use any reasonably recent mail program that supports POP3 and SMTP with SMTP-AUTH.
Examples include free Open Source software such as Pegasus, Evolution and Thunderbird or commercial offerings such as Microsoft Outlook.
It doesn't matter what operating system you are using to connect, e.g Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD etc.

Phone/PDA setup - e.g iPhones

Phones and portable devices should generally be configured using IMAP instead of POP3 - particularly if you also access the same mailbox from another computer.
For your 'outgoing mail server (SMTP)' - make sure your device is configured to send a username and password.
The iPhone for example may initially show username and password as 'optional' - but you will need to change these to your account username (youraccountid.something) and password.
The outgoing port will also need to be changed to 587.

Trouble logging in to collect email? Try turning off Microsoft's NTLM and using an alternative mechanism.
We try to maintain server compatibility with mobile devices from all major providers, but recent problems with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 seem to indicate differences in the way Microsoft and Apple handle authentication that make Microsoft's NTLM protocol troublesome to support.
You may need to set the authentication type to 'CRAM-MD5', 'PLAIN' or 'PASSWORD'.

When using IMAP - you can configure multiple folders with some of your own filtering rules applied on the server so that mail is pre-sorted. This means those messages will show up with the same folder arrangement no matter whether you are viewing from your office computer or from your phone.
Programs such as Outlook can be used to create folders, but some phones may not currently have the ability to create new folders or properly access folders other than the Inbox.
To add some of your own 'sieve' processing rules - log in to the configpanel with your youraccountid.admin username and navigate to the 'Filters and Autoresponders' link under the 'Email' menu item.

Below are some setup instructions (with screenshots) for some common mail programs