iNETStore Hosting & Email Package
Hosting of your iNETStore by Precisium.
 ex. GST inc. GST
Setup (once off) : $40.00$44.00
Rate (per month) : $35.00$38.50
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 2000MB outbound, 500MB inbound 1data transfer capacity per month
  • 10 Pop3 Mailboxes, may be redirected to other mail addresses or set up as autoresponders or mailing lists if desired, unlimited aliases on each box
  • Use of our server certificate so credit card details may be collected securely.
FeatureDescriptionSetupRate (per month)
 ex. GSTinc GSTex. GSTinc GST
Extra Mailboxes or user accounts (each) - Multiple addresses on each box - (see Email FAQ>)
- Each additional user adds 10MB inbound data allowance to the account per month
  $1.00 $1.10
Extra Web Disk SpacePer MB (calculated to nearest KB) $0.15$0.165
Extra Data Served1Per MB (calculated to nearest KB) $0.03$0.033
Extra Data Received1Per MB (calculated to nearest KB) $0.05$0.055
Encrypted Certificate-based Security - Host your SSL cert.
- Phone +61 2 9966 8228 or email with your requirements
1Data transfer includes all traffic (http, ftp, email etc.).
Data served (outbound) is all data that travels from the Precisium Network Operations Centre (noc) to external destinations on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of egress from the Precisium noc.
Data received (inbound) is all data received by the Precisium noc from external sources on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of ingress to the Precisium noc.
traffic that travels entirely within the Precisium noc is unbilled and does not count towards any quotas.