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Windows1 Domain Hosting & Email Package
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Hosting of your domain by Precisium.
 ex. GST inc. GST
Setup (once off) : FREE FREE
Rate (per month) : $20.00$22.00
For most websites, these will be the only charges involved, aside from payments to the Registry Authority for domain names, and a domain registration fee (see below) if you don't choose to do it yourself.
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 5,000MB outbound, 2,000MB inbound 1data transfer capacity per month
  • 10 Pop3 Mailboxes, may be redirected to other mail addresses or set up as autoresponders or mailing lists if desired, multiple aliases on each box
  • Frontpage access (if required)
  • FTP access
  • Active Server Pages - VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, Python
  • PHP Scripting Language
  • cgi-bin
  • Query or update MSAccess® Databases from your pages (no DSNs - use DSNless connection string)
  • Two URLs automatically provided - with and without 'www'
  • Secured directories as necessary (Plain-text Authentication)
  • Daily/Monthly Site Activity Reports. Raw log files also supplied.
  • Optionally - Site authoring via the 'author' or staging server, before transferral to the live server, allowing testing and review before release to a live environment.
FeatureDescriptionRate (per month)
 ex. GSTinc GST
Extra Mailboxes or user accounts (each) - Multiple addresses on each box - (see Email FAQ)
- Each additional user adds 100MB inbound data allowance to the account per month
$1.00 $1.10
Extra Web Disk Space
Per MB (calculated to nearest KB)
Extra Data Served1Per MB (calculated to nearest KB)$0.03$0.033
Extra Data Received1Per MB (calculated to nearest KB)$0.05$0.055
1Data transfer includes all traffic (http, ftp, email etc.).
Data served (outbound) is all data that travels from the Precisium systems to external destinations on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of egress from Precisium's systems.
Data received (inbound) is all data received by Precisium systems from external sources on behalf of a customer, measured at the point of ingress to the Precisium system.
traffic that travels entirely within a set of Precisium servers is unbilled and does not count towards any quotas. e.g webserver to database server traffic.