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Frequently Asked Questions - General

These questions are not necessarily frequently asked at all... It may just be that we feel the question is of sufficient importance/general interest that it warrants a mention. Or it may just be an excuse for us to illustrate a feature of the hosting systems.

Send any further questions to

See also our Email FAQ & Uploading FAQ.
  • 1) How do I make changes to my site configuration or email setup? / Is there a "Configuration-Panel system"?
    Using the owner account <youraccountid>.admin you can:
    • make password changes
    • view email configuration
    • manage files - edit code or webpages directly in your browser
    • add/manage MySQL databases
    • view graphical web site statistics - including search engine query terms

    Login at
    Changes can also be made by emailing your request to

  • 2) Where can I view my website's 'hits' or visitor statistics
    There is a 'Logs & Statistics' section within the configpanel at
    Here, you can view the Awstats graphs and bandwidth reports, including information such as what search terms have been used to find your site, and what other websites link to your pages.
    There are also zipped logfiles available for download so that you could run your own analysis tools if desired.

  • 3) Is Precisium a reseller for someone, or do you own your own servers?
    We (Precisium) run our own webservers, mailservers, and DNS servers but for certain services we may utilize 3rd party systems.,, and are domains which Precisium uses as part of the web-hosting and email services. The primary servers are located in in Sydney Australia.

  • 4) What timezone do the servers use?
    The servers are set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Reports for your site can be output at a specified UTC offset (e.g +10 for Sydney Australia) if requested.

  • 5) What nameservers should I use to delegate my domain name?
    Configure your domain name to use the servers:

    You are welcome to request assistance in performing delegations - just email us at

  • 6) Do we offer remote desktop support?
    Remote desktop support is given in some circumstances where an issue is not easily resolved by voice or email.

    You should first attempt to resolve email setup issues by folowing the setup instructions on this site and/or calling support on 02 99668228.
    Precisium can assist with issues directly related to configuring your computer to utilise email and FTP to connect to Precisium services.
    Issues specific to your email program (such as local filtering rules, folder repair, setup of non-precisium email accounts etc) may be outside the range of topics covered by our support.

    You may make special arrangements for Precisium to assist with such issues - but a support fee may be incurred.
    Remote Support
  • 7) Why are there so few Frequently asked questions ??
    This page is just an attempt to answer some of the basics. We may add to it and rearrange it over time, depending on what sorts of queries we receive.
    We will of course be happy to answer any questions by email at
    You can also phone on +61 02 99668228

    See also our Email FAQ & Uploading FAQ.