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WEBPUB.NET - Available Scripting Languages
  • TCL V 8.5+ (Threaded build with a selection of BSD licensed packages) - Tcl at Precisium
    • Current implementation is CGI based TCL scripts.
    • In future there will be an option allowing long-running TCL processes on a specialised webserver platform.
    • Contact for information on the use of TCL scripts on our hosting packages.
  • PHP Version 5.2+ - WEBPUB.NET PHP hosting
  • Classic ASP - VBScript and JScript
  • Perl V 5.8+ (Activestate
    • Repository of packages (for Win32) as installed on webservers -
    • To install on your own machine use PPM :
      • search --location
      • install --location [packagename]
  • Python Version 2.1.1 -
    • Python is installed as an ActiveX Scripting Engine, so you can use it in .ASP pages.
      Just insert the following tag at the top of your ASP file to use Python as your scripting language.
      <%@Language = Python %>