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Tcl hosting and software development

Tcl Hosting

Tcl is supported as a server-side programming language for Precisium's web hosting plans.
(running as cgi under an account-specific username)

We use Tcl/Tk extensively in our own systems and have considerable experience debugging and resolving Tcl issues.
Because we are enthusiastic about Tcl/Tk as a development platform, we continually upgrade our Tcl interpreters to very recent versions.
The Tcl maintainers have an excellent history of preserving compatibility with earlier scripts across Tcl updates. We don't run versions older than 8.5, but if you need assistance in getting older scripts updated to use Tcl 8.5+ features - we can most likely help.

Tcl Development

Do you have some tedious business processes which you'd like automated?
A Tcl/TK program can be created as a self-contained 'copy to install' program which can assist you in tasks ranging from organising files and sending emails, to running complex import/export processes. It could be a hidden background program running on a schedule, or provide a graphical interface for launch and control.
As a 'scripting' language, the source code remains accessible to you so that you have the freedom to get your own developers/IT staff to make further customisations.

Tcl Resources

The Tclers Wiki - This is the core of the Tcl developer community. An excellent resource for sharing your experience and learning about Tcl.

There is an official Tcl Tutorial which covers Tcl 8.5

The comp.lang.tcl usenet newsgroup is a fast easy way to ask fellow Tcl programmers for help. Google's newsgroup interface to comp.lang.tcl is probably the simplest way to access this.

Where to get Tcl
You don't need to download anything if your hosting provider supports Tcl, but you may want to install it on your own machine, as Tcl/Tk is also a great general purpose programming language for system administration tasks as well as for graphical applications.

If you're comfortable compiling software from source - the Tcl project at sourceforge is the place to get the most cutting-edge version of Tcl.
There is a separate sourceforge project for the Tk toolkit

ActiveState provide an excellent binary distribution of Tcl for the windows platform, as well as Tcl development tools.
Tcl can interface with many server-based database systems, including MySQL, Firebird & PostgreSQL.
For a great many tasks however, a database-server is not required, and a file-based database is easier to deploy and maintain.

SQLite is arguably the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world, and has an excellent Tcl API.
The SQLite database file format is cross-platform so can easily be moved between our Unix servers and a local windows machine for example.
There is an SQLite Manager plugin for Firefox which is great for browsing and querying your data.

Programming / Consulting


Call Precisium for a quote on Tcl/Tk software development.
Sydney number: 02 99668228

Tcl is a powerful scripting language suitable for use in diverse environments including business & industrial automation, web services and testing.