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Phone:   +61 2 9966 8228
Fax:   +61 2 9901 3027

Hosting & email services

Precisium provides a web hosting and email facility using a combination of Windows & Unix servers. The Servers are located in Sydney Australia. Precisium has been operating for over 10 years.

Our mailsystems support IMAP -
Use your company email direct from a Phone/PDA.

email for PDAs

Yes - we support IMAP IDLE

Domain Name Registration:
  • - $38.50 / 2 years
  • .com , .net - $19.80 / year

Hosting config panel

to our hosting configuration panel for email settings, password changes and to modify your web pages using a browser.

website configuration panel
Easily add new MySQL databases.

MySQL administration with ready-to-run phpMyAdmin
or via 3rd party tools such as Navicat over SSH.

Systems Information

DNS Nameserver Information for setting up a domain to be hosted with Precisium
php hosting
sqlite database hosting
Mailman mailing-list hosting

SABTC - "Seller Accepts Bitcoins". No Bitcoin private keys stored on webservers.

  • Pop3 & IMAP Mail Boxes
  • RoundCube based webmail system giving direct access to IMAP folders
  • Mailman Discussion/Mailing Lists
  • PHPlist Newsletter/Mailing Lists
  • Autoresponders & custom email integration with your website
  • Send mail via our systems even if your ISP blocks port 25
    (SMTP port 587 mail submission, SMTP-AUTH)
    Query or update Databases from your pages, including:
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
Server Languages
  • PHP Pages running as Fast-CGI
  • Python running as CGI or Daemon WSGI
  • Perl cgi scripting
  • ASP
  • Tcl cgi scripting
  • Secure Site (SSL) using Digital Certificates
  • iNETstore shop and catalogue building system: Put your catalogue online and accept credit card payments on our secure server.